Zoltan Bathory - Driver

Knucklehead Monster's driver is Zoltan Bathory, a Golden Gods Award Wining Guitarist and founder of the multi million record selling hard rock band "Five Finger Death Punch".  The group is an international Juggernaut selling out arenas all over the world, and one of the decade's most influential artists at mainstream rock radio with a record setting 14 consecutive top 10 hits under their belts.  While Five Finger Death Punch is enjoying their international rock-stardom, off-stage Zoltan's over the top lifestyle has been drawing a fan base of its own. 

One day you'd find him learning moves from Kung Fu Grand Masters on the top of some remote mountain, the next day he'd be training hand to hand combat with special operators on a military base. A week later he is on the other side of the planet on a tactical shooting range, or competing and collecting medals at Jiu-Jitsu World Championships. Zoltan's philosophy is that  "the most valuable thing on Earth is time well spent". Between the band, the martial arts, and running various companies, every moment is jam packed with non stop action…  like strapping himself into fighter jets, drag racers, monstertrucks, and all things upward of 1500 horsepower.  

Most people who follow his larger than life social media stream would expect him to be an adrenaline fueled daredevil, but they are often surprised to meet an educated, down to Earth, spiritual man who finds the most joy in giving back,  spearheading campaigns to help military vets suffering from PTSD or helping and guiding his Martial Arts proteges. Zoltan is one of the last believers of the "American Dream", often giving interviews about overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles or sharing his insight on how to live life to its fullest. If anyone, he is more than qualified to speak about it since he has built one from ground zero. His humble beginnings of  coming to the USA with nothing but a dream and a guitar on his back, not knowing a word of English - is truly inspiring. 

Follow his story… it's unfolding in real-time