The Beginnings 

In November 2013,  during his band's European tour Five Finger Death Punch founder and guitarist Zoltan Bathory ran into MonsterJam producer, motor sports marketing pioneer Chris Kurtz. Chris familiar with Zoltan's extreme lifestyle and infamous "bucket list" brought up the possibility to get him some seat time in a Pro League Monster Truck. The fellow costumers in that tiny coffee house in Stockholm probably never suspected that just a couple of feet from them a monster was born scribbled onto the the estabilishment's napkins…  

A few months later, In May 2014 the dream was realized and Zoltan visited Camp 2XTREME - Monster Jam Free Style World Champion Jimmy Creten's  training facility. Team 2XTREME built two identical  "Knucklehead" trucks (named after the bands mascot) One of them was displayed at the Kansas City Rock Festival Zoltan's band was headlining that day.  The truck was a huge hit with the nearly 60,000 fans taking selfies with Knucklehead all day long while truck #2 was fueled up and ready for Zoltan to check one more thing off his bucket list.  ….and that he did. 

After a day of 1800 horsepower dust covered loud and rowdy fun, Jimmy impressed with Zoltan fearless but disciplined approach to driving brought up the possibility to further train him in the ins and outs of MonsterTruck driving.  As the cliché  goes,  "The rest is history"

Zoltan's professional debut took place in California at the WGAS Motorsport Flip Fest Monster Truck and Motocross Show in August of 2014.  Soon after he was already revving the engine on the Start-line at Florida Monstertruck show.

This is the first time in history when extreme motor-sports and rock n' roll collided on this level.  A larger than life monster truck piloted by a larger than life rockstar.

Check "Apperenaces" for Knucklehead's schedule .